Thoughts on Government

I don’t understand politics:  It seems to be all about unreasonable people doing and saying unreasonable things just to get in power and stay in power.

I take that back:  I guess I do understand politics.  What I don’t understand is how we in this country allow politics to get in the way of the pragmatic, necessary things that a government needs to do to take care of its citizenry.

The government is going to shut down because Congress doesn’t know or care or understand what is relevant to the people in this country.  We don’t care that much about whether Medicare is paid by vouchers or whether the corporate income tax rate is 35% or 25%.  What we care about is that we have places to live and food on the table.  What we care about is that the services we need are provided when we need them, and that our tax dollars aren’t going to pay for unnecessary bullshit.

So here’s my idea:

Let’s start with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Then let’s figure out what programs need to be in place to take care of our citizens — particularly our poor, our elderly, and our children.  You know, a military to protect us all, basic healthcare, food and jobs.  Education for our children that will give them the potential for real upward mobility, not just potential for success if their parents have money or a famous last name.

Then let’s build the infrastructure to take care of it all: hospitals, schools, parks, museums and theaters.  Courts and prisons, too.  Public works, like functioning dams and levees, roads, bridges and highways.  Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s protect our environment so that it’s not all for naught.

Then let’s staff that infrastructure as needed.  No more, no less.

Finally, let’s charge enough taxes so that we can support it, with the tax system being progressive enough that we don’t break the backs of the poor and middle class, and that we pay down our debt.

I know this is simplistic.  But is it any less practical than proposing to cut corporate taxes to reduce the deficit?